Tax Day Tip: Exact Petty Revenge on the IRS

by Alex Stenback on April 12, 2007

Tax day looms, which puts many of us in a seething, dejected, vengeance-seeking state (can you tell we wrote a check this year?)

So, if you are feeling wronged, try putting to use the following list of "occupations" on your tax return to annoy a some poor sod one of the obvious sadists working in the bowels of the IRS. From defective yeti (which gets our vote for best blog title this week) via Curbed:

Job Titles You Could Put in the "Occupation" Field
of Your Tax Return to Exact Some Small Measure of Revenge on a Random
IRS Employee by Getting an Irritating Song Stuck in His or Her Head

Paperback Writer
Cradle of Love Rocker
Country Boy (thank god!)
Business Caretaker
Smooth Operator….

The full, and very funny list, on the other side of the link below
ยท Job Titles to Annoy the IRS [defective yeti]

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