Tuesday AM Linklube

by Alex Stenback on April 24, 2007

· Who’s Who in a Real Estate Transaction? [Teresa Boardman]
· Predatory Lending Crusader in Stillwater [Strib]
· Hot Property: Strip Clubs, Casinos, Hotels [Strib]
· Re-Imagining the Central Corridor [PiPress]
· Quick Flip Downtown: Northstar Sells Again [Strib]
· Foreclosures Still Heating Up in Minneapolis [Strib]
Elsewhere & Otherwise
· Tallest Building in North America Coming to Chicago [businessweek]
· High-Tech Home Security [REJournal]
· Ugliest House Ever Contest [Hot Property]
· Does Mortgage Equity Withdrawal Matter? [BigPicture]
· Crazy Realtor Brandishes Weapon: What Could Go Wrong? [inman]
· Why We Should Not Bail-Out Lenders or Borrowers [SFGate]

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