More Kiddie Condo’s Coming to the U Campus

by Alex Stenback on July 12, 2007


Some non-horrifying condo news:  One niche market in the Twin Cities that has been doing surprisingly well is the "Kiddie Condo" (so named because well-heeled parents often buy these on or near-campus units instead of forking over untold thousands in rent/room and board expenses.) There’s at least one project (that we know of) complete and another "M-flats" on they way over at the U of M.

According to the press release, M-flats has peeled off 22 sales in just over 90 days, which is a pretty good sales pace, and a good sign for this project, considering the broader condo market.

Plus, we dig the layout, pictured above.  Remembering our own, um, spartan dorm-life experience well, if we were an incoming freshman, we’d be lobbying mom and pop for one of these units, which are priced well enough that your name does not have to be Dayton or Carlson for your folks to pony up.  Besides, they might make a little scratch back from all that dough they wasted on your International Relations and English degree that you will use to become a blogging banker.  Or something.
M Flats – Condominiums at U of M []

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