Monday AM Linklube

by Alex Stenback on August 20, 2007

· Blogger Open House [overnorth]
· Bloomington Based ResCap now Rated Junk [TCBJ]
· Moldy Condos on the East Bank [DTJournal]
· Strib Business Bankruptcy Announcements [Strib]
· Housing Bubble Fallout: Is Retail Next [Strib]
· Meet the NIMFY’s; Homeowners Resist Sidewalks [Strib]
Elsewhere & Otherwise
· Coining a Phrase: Neutron Loans – Kill People, Leave the Homes [NYT]
· Foreclosure Rescue Fraud on the Rise [WSJ]
· Borrowers With Good Credit not Immune to Higher Rates [REJ]
· Bank Run!  Depositors Jam Counrtywide Branches, System [LAT]

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ranty August 21, 2007 at 11:31 am

Hey, thanks for linking my open house announcement!

I feel all famous-like now… :-)

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