Tuesday AM Linklube

by Alex Stenback on October 16, 2007

· Monster House Rules for Edina [Doodledee]
· Stiffed By Prosper.com Borrower [Kara McGuire]
· "Green" Remodeling Certification Announced [BizJournals]
· Portland Project Dead [DTJournal]
· Condo TV to Debut on Channel 6 [DT Journal]
· NWA Pilots Involved in Sham ‘Foreclosure Rescue’ Scheme [Strib]
Elsewhere & Otherwise
· Shrinking the McMansion [BusinessWeek]
· Memoir of the 1987 Crash [Ritholtz]
· Online Rate Chasers Move Wads of Cash [NYT]
· Countrywide Employees Asked to Sign Pledge [BlownMort]

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