Tuesday PM Linklube

by Alex Stenback on October 23, 2007

· New Prague Mortgage Fraudsters Plead Guilty [Strib]
· Massage Parlor Brothel Shut Down in SW Minneapolis [SWJournal]
· North Minneapolis Benefits from RE Auction [Strib]
· Which Projects Will Survive the Condo Shakeout [Strib]
· How to Inherit/Pass Down a Cabin [Strib]
· Creep: Mortgage Guy Allegedly Drugs, Fondles Teenager [PiPress]
· Fake Lakes/Beaches Planned in  Huge Blaine Development [PiPress]
· FED: Twin Cities Economy to See Modest Growth [TCBJ]
· Housing Crunch Hits TCF Bank [TCBJ]
· Housing Crunch Hammers Local Lumber Company [MPR]
Elsewhere & Otherwise
· Dumpster Diving for Mortgage Files [WSJ]
· Mortgage Insurers Melting Down [Interest Rate Roundup]
· Fed: The Real Estate Boom, Fueled By Easy Credit [businessweek]
· Luxury Goods Slump May be a Bad Sign for Economy [kirkreport]
· Chapter 13 BK Spike: Foreclosures, Real Estate to Blame [Ritholtz]
· Turns Out, Going Green Ain’t So Easy, Not Profitable [Businessweek]
· Countrywide to Modify $16B in Loans, Take Massive Losses [Bloom.]

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