Tuesday Linklube

by Alex Stenback on November 20, 2007

· Minneapolis Homeowner Wins on Oprah (!!!) [MPLSREblog]
· Dealing with Problem/Vacant Homes in Mpls [SW Journal]
· Permits, Single Family Starts Decline in OCT [Strib]
· Minnesota Economist Drops the R-Word [MinnPost]
· Bloomington Based Rescap May go BK [WCCO/AP]
· Small Farm Tax-Break Crackdown [WCCO]
· SkyScape Gets Eatery [Strib]
· Metro 69th on Foreclosure List [Strib]
· MN Job Growth Stalls [TCBJ]
Elsewhere & Otherwise
· BCA Research: Much Lower Rates and Yields Ahead [BCA]
· Foreclosure Ground Zero: Looting and More [CNN]
· House Passes Mortgage Reform Bill [WSJ]
· A Brief History of the Gold Standard [TheStreet]

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