High Drama in The Comments on TJ Waconia Mortgage Fraud Investigation

by Alex Stenback on December 20, 2007

If you haven’t been following the comments on this post, which started out as a general post on foreclosures, but has now ballooned to a 33 comment rolling firefight, you are missing out on some high drama and good insider backstory on the FBI mortgage fraud investigation of Roseville based TJ Waconia.

It all started when one commenter, posting from Texas, was all: "What’s with the witch-hunt?  These guys might just be legit investors that have been unfairly singled out, and whatever happened to the whole Innocent until proven guilty thing"

Turns out, the defender-of-the-presumption-of-innocence also happens to, it appears, know some of the principal individuals involved with TJ Waconia, and may have more than just an abstract "I’m just a concerned but nuetral party" stake in defending some of those being investigated. 

So if you are into admissions, denials, accusations, stunning reversals, unfounded assertions, and bombs like this, (which may or may not have a shred of truth to them, mind you. These are anonymous internet comments, after all):

You know why [he] is protecting Tom Balko? He was involved back in 2002-2003. He is worried the FBI will look into him. TJ waconia, if you dig deeper will find that many of the properties were friends and family properties that they inflated.

You’ll want to follow along, or fan the flames, or whatever, but don’t miss the drama and intrigue, and inside information,  unfolding now, right here.

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