Rumor Mill: Coldwell Banker Burnet Has Purchased Minnetonka Realty

by Alex Stenback on December 21, 2007

Though this can be filed as (maybe) rumor for now, we have it from a very good and trusted source that Coldwell Banker Burnet has purchased Minnetonka Realty.  Given the love-letter of Interest that CBB sent out to local brokers, which we covered in September, this should not surprise. 

We expect to see more big-fish-gobbling-little-fish consolidation activity in the real estate, home builder, and mortgage space during The Great Real Estate Unwind™.

We’ll work on further information, details, and confirmation through the day.  Anyone with any knowledge, speculation, or opinion, feel free to add some color in the comments below.

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derrikd January 1, 2008 at 7:05 pm

They gotta get warm bodies to fill all their empty desk space from somewhere..

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