Tuesday PM Linklube

by Alex Stenback on December 18, 2007

· State Unemployment Rate Better Than Average [TCBJ]
· MN Economic Growth to Lag Region [PiPress]
· On the Ground with Foreclosure/Debt Counselors [Minnpost]
· Vacant Buildings a Problem in Saint Paul [Strib]
· Banks Make Crappy Neighbors [Boardman]
· Did Foreclosure Spark Arson-Suicide? [Strib]
· Man Seeks Refund for Taxes on Non-Existent Basement [WCCO]

Elsewhere & Otherwise
· How to: Background Check Your Credit Card [The Street]
· When Will Homebuilding Rebound? [Fool]
· Mortgage Lender New Century Wins Race to ZERO [Seeking Alpha]
· New Orleans Housing: Brad Pitt to the Rescue [Businessweek]
· Bernanke Went All In.  Europe Folded. The End. [TheRoxylander]

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