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by Alex Stenback on January 24, 2008

We are victims of the Helgasons and Balkos. We are determined to legally fight both of them for as long as it takes. Jon Helgason was a long time trusted friend and he stole from us.
                                                                                ~Victim T

A while back, we posted a tidbit on the ongoing mortgage fraud problem and the alleged role of one particular company in town, TJ Waconia.  The comments went bananas with all sorts of people who seemed to have direct and specific knowledge of the "business" practices of that organization and it’s principal actors.

The comment stream got a little nutty even for our admittedly low standards of journalistic integrity, so we eventually shut it down.

Great thing about the internet is, you can’t contain conversations like this once they’ve started, and at least one of the commenters went off started a TJ Waconia victims blog.  Go check it out.

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Johnny North Side January 28, 2008 at 2:16 pm

As of this moment, that blog is down. It might be the subject of a denial-of-service attack, considering some of the stuff that happened right before it went down.

Somebody got on there and posted a comment thread miles long with alpha-numeric gibberish, trying to use up blog space and make the content look like garbage.

I hope the blog gets back up soon because there was some great discussion taking place there.

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