How Many Tickets Would You Buy?

by Alex Stenback on April 25, 2008

If an organization was raffling off a $1.4 Million dollar home near Lake Minnetonka for charity, how many tickets would you buy?

Unfortunately, we won’t get to see this play out:

The state Gambling Control Board has blocked an Inver Grove Heights organization from raffling off a home near Lake Minnetonka worth $1.4 million.
The proposal from CLIMB Theatre would have sold $20 raffle tickets for a chance to win the house. The group that puts on plays and teaches classes at schools had wanted to raise $200,000 for itself and $700,000 for more than 400 other nonprofits.

What we’d like to know is who, when, and why, did someone donate a Million-dollar-plus home to a theater troupe specializing in childrens "education?"

The obvious upside here?  Fewer kids will have to suffer through these (excruciatingly politically correct) plays:

CLIMB produces original plays and classes for K-12th grades on topics like:

Bullying Prevention, Respect, Acceptance of Differences, Global Climate Change, Self-Control, Doing Your Best, Methamphetamine Prevention, Responsibility, Harassment Prevention, Cyberbullying Prevention, Friendship.

Gambling Board Shuts Down Home Raffle [WCCO]

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