Is Your Neighbor in the Slammer?

by Alex Stenback on July 24, 2008

Rotten Neighbor is entertaining enough, what with toxic hipster couples and all.  But the banker in us has always found it far too subjective for any real use.

For instance: We dig it when a certain young man in the neighborhood walks down the middle of the street rapping unintelligbly at top volume, arms uplifted and triumphant, headhone wires dangling just so.  And when I pause in mid burger flip to appreciate his subtle stylings, and he stares back hard all "what?" the look I give him is one of kinship and genuine appreciation, as if to say "I hear you my man, rap on."

But I can also see how this behavior might irritate the local rotarians and other sensitive types.

Besides, unless you are a renter, entering your rotten neighbors is a self defeating excercise. Sort of a fatal flaw, no?

Anyway, this little widget (that our man Dave over at Doodledee dug up) renders a Yahoo map (searchable by city) that allows you to see which of your neighbors are currently living in custody under the gentle ministrations of the Hennepin County Sherrif.

Hard data. That we like, almost as much as amatuer a capella rap-synching.

P.S. We’d build a clone of this for Hennepin County Foreclosures, but it might crash Yahoo Pipes (that, and we haven’t the first clue how.) Anyone?

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