Does Panhandling Pay Better than Selling Real Estate?

by Alex Stenback on August 8, 2008

"I figured out the hours I put into [selling that home] I made about 25 cents an hour so I could have just picked up change on the street and done just as well."

Says local realtor Faith McGown after selling a home for a personal record low $30,000.00.
Realtors the Latest Casualties of the Real Estate Market [KARE]

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HAHA August 11, 2008 at 9:40 am

She say’s she made 25 cents an hour to sell this house for $30k. Well at 3% assuming she split commission. She would have made $900. At 25 cents she supposedly spent 3,600 hours solely trying to sell this house which is 450 days over 1.2 years of solid dedication trying to sell this house.

It is amazing that she would even think she worked that hard to sell that house. All I can say is typical!

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