Monday Linklube: Bailout Fever, Stumps Gone Mad, MN Companies you cannot short

by Alex Stenback on September 22, 2008

· Copper Thieves: 4-Plex Explodes [Strib]
· Bloomington: Historic Home Razed over Peeling Paint? [Strib]
· Home Loans Were Different, Back in the Day [Soucheray]
· Woodbury: Property Taxes to Go Up [PiPress]
· Foreclosures Causing Tight, More Expensive Rental Market [MPR]
· SW Minneapolis Condo Pipeline Has Been Updated [SW Journal]
· Tax Discovery on Park-Owned Land is Hit or Miss [SW Journal]
· Trees Gone, Stumps Remain. For Years. [SW Journal]
· MN Firms on the "No Shorting" List [TCB]
· Low Income Housing Status Doesn’t Help Some [Strib]
· Senior Housing Still Going Strong [Strib]

Elsewhere & Otherwise
· Cash for Trash: Why the Bailout Plan Stinks [Krugman]
· Bailout Cost Projected: Twice War on Terror [Econompic Data]
· Public Humiliation [Surowiecki]
· Why You Should Hate the Bailout Proposal [Yves]

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