Thursday Linklube: Zillow Says What?, Housing Weirdness, FDIC has Plenty of Money

by Alex Stenback on September 25, 2008

· How to Prepare for Economic Collapse? [Bob Collins]
· Mahtomehdi: Fear and Confusion + Coffee [Strib]
· Affordable Housing Developers Under Tax-Credit Squeeze [F&C]
· Local Angle: Zillow Says What? [Technology Evangelist]
· Weird: One Act Plays to Solve Housing Disparities. [TCDP]
· Urban Fringe Still Booming [Strib]

Elsewhere & Otherwise
· The Fed May be Forced to Cut Rates Soon [Bloomberg]
· New Home Sales: Lowest Since 1982. Less inventory. [Barrons]
· Stay Calm: The FDIC Cannot Run Out of Money [Market Movers]
· The Case for Rent to Own [AHI]
· Cramdown Will Force Rates Higher? Not So Fast [CreditSlips]

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