WCCO: Local Couple Among Thousands Whose Personal Data was Sold by CountryWide Employee

by Alex Stenback on September 15, 2008

Countrywide_sold_data_2WCCO has brought forth a local couple who’s information was sold, along with thousands of others, in a data theft by a Countrywide employee.  Check out the Video here.

The news on this data theft is nearly a month old, so in all likelihood, if you haven’t gotten a letter yet, your data was not sold.  Countrywide is offering free credit monitoring to the customers whose info was stolen.

As a "servicy" aside:  Credit monitoring is probably the single best defense against identity theft, and we recommend it for everyone.  There are lots of providers, but for our money, the credit monitoring options at Fair Isaac’s consumer website, www.myfico.com are tough to beat.  $5.00 per month is cheap insurance, after all.

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