Wednesday Linklube: Who knew there was a Million Dollar Home in Nokomis?

by Alex Stenback on September 17, 2008

· Who Knew? There is a Million Dollar Listing in Nokomis [LNRE]
· Daily Planet: Adding Up the Cost of Financial Crisis [TCDP]
· Tangletown Home Tour:  3 Homes, $5.00 [SW Journal]
· How is the MN State Pension Fund Holding Up? [F&C]
Elsewhere & Otherwise:
· Housing Starts at 17 1/2 Year Low [Reuters]
· AIG Bailout: Up to $85 Billion Dollar Loan [Bloomberg]
· Credit Crisis: A Glimmer of Hope [CR]
· Best Discussion of The Current Crisis You’ll Get [Charlie Rose]
· Wall Street has Hosed Auto Lending Also [Kicking Tires]
Must Read:
· The K-T Boundary"So how did the investment banking industry get itself into this pickle, and where does it go from here?" [Epicurean Deal Maker]

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