Monday Linklube: Agents on bikes, home sales highs (and lows), your 14 year old sister understands the financial crisis

by Alex Stenback on October 13, 2008

· Pending Sales, on the Hop: 42% Spike [The Skinny]
· The 5 Most Expensive Homes Sold in Sept [Goheens]
· And the 5 Cheapest Homes Sold in Sept [Goheens]
· New Twist? Mortgage Fraud Propped Up by Rents [Strib]
· CRA and the Twin Cities Market [TCDP]
· Realtors on Bikes! Gee Whiz! [Strib]
· Downtown Population: 34k, 30% higher Since 2001 [DTJournal]
· Lehman Limbo: North Loop Building’s Future Uncertain [DTJ]
Elsewhere & Otherwise
· Ilegal Immigrants Have Lower Delinquency Rates [LAT]
· Why Banks Don’t Care About Elevated LIBOR [SRW]
· US to Guarantee Foreign Investment in Morgan Stanley? [Yves]
· Financial Crisis as Explained to a 14 Year Old [Bygone Bureau]

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