Thursday Linklube: 10% off sale, “trojan homes” foisted on charities, giant pool of money redux

by Alex Stenback on October 16, 2008

· 10 Days, 10% Off: Coldwell Banker Burnet [MPR]
· Twin Cities: Top Ten Best Value for $1.00 [TCBJ]
· Fighting Foreclosure: Minnesota Getting $57.8 Million [F&C]
· Lenders Getting Better at Foreclosure Workouts [MPR]
· Underwater Homes Dumped on Charities [MinnPost]
· St. Paul: Citywide Housing Clearance Sale [Boardman]
· 1 in 9 Minnesotans Pay 50% of Income to Housing [Strib]

Elsewhere & Otherwise:
· The Great Hedge Fund Unwind [Kedrosky]
· Worth Listening: Giant Pool of Money, Pt2 [TAL]
· GMAC Auto Loans: Need a 700 Credit Score [Bloom]
· Inflation Expectations Moderating [Econompic Data]
· Real Estate has not Bottomed Yet [NYT]

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