Now Live: Behind The Mortgage 2.0 (Beta)

by Alex Stenback on December 11, 2008

Super NewYou should be reading this in the all new design and layout for Behind The Mortgage.  If you are reading this via an RSS reader, please indulge us and click through and take a look at the new look and feel.

A couple of notes on the newness, for those interested in such things (for those that aren’t, we’ll be back to your regularly scheduled programming soon, so bear with us while we go meta for a while.)

In additon to a new aesthetic and color scheme, I’ve folded some of the static, traditional mortgage content into Behind the Mortgage under the “client services” tab you’ll find on the upper right. 

Back there, you’ll find the “business channel” of Behind the Mortgage:  Rates, purchase information, glossary of terms, online applications, etc. etc. - essentially all of the static content that used to live on a stand alone business website, now can be found at one single destination.  [Note: Much of the content back there is not quite ready for prime time, but it will be fully functional within a few days and the placeholders you see now will be replaced.]

Besides an update of a look that has grown tired since it went live in 2005, the idea behind all of this is a fairly straigtforward one.  To make it easier and more appealing for those that enjoy the content at Behind the Mortgage to do business with the author – the man behind Behind The Mortgage (without hitting you over the head with smarmy sales pitches.)

In terms of daily content, Behind The Mortgage will remain largely the same, though we are adding a few new/regular features as part of the re-launch.  But now, for those among the readership who are inclined to make a business inquiry (looking to purchase or refinance their home mortgage, for instance) the new design will make information about who I am as a mortgage banker, and what you can expect in doing business with me more accessible.

Also we are now publishing via Wordpress, ending a great run with Typepad, our home since we first launched Behind the Mortgage in November of 2004.

As always, any thoughts, feedback, encouragement, criticism, or snark are welcomed and encouraged in the comments below or via email at alex AT alexstenback DOT com

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Kelly December 11, 2008 at 3:11 pm

Oh the luggage!

Alex Stenback December 11, 2008 at 3:45 pm

Mrs. Behind The Mortgage thinks the backdrop looks like cheap luggage. We disagree. Notice also the cool comment preview feature. Also super new!

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