Reader Mail: Time to Retire the We?

by Alex Stenback on December 18, 2008

Just to prove that the reader mail around here is not all “rate this, mortgage that, blah, blah” I present the following from today’s mailbag for your consideration:

I have enjoyed reading your blog for the last couple of years and always find it interesting and informative. One grammatical habit you have that drives me crazy though, is the use of “we” and “us”, when you seem to really be referring to yourself. Unless you and a friend were having cortisone shots together, the plural “we” or “us” is reserved for royalty or the Pope.

Thank you for the overall enjoyable posts

By far the best of the reader mail this week, first of all.

Second, we’ll excuse me, I’ll readily cop to a nearly uncorrectable compulsion to use “we” when writing at Behind The Mortgage.  It is a mental/grammatical tick that has been very hard to overcome. I’ve tried, and will leave it to the shrink that I never hired to figure out why.

But now that readers are actually sending complaint mail,  and because we (did it again – this is harder than it looks) I appreciate above all else a good grammar nazi, this blog will now be written in a more proper first person voice, unless the “We” is used in such a manner as to enjoin you the reader to participate with me, the writer, in this here blog thing. Then we can all be we again.  Agreed? Okay then.

I’ll close with a favorite ”we” appropriate quote from the inimitable, recently departed Tanta, to get us off the grammar topic, and back to mortgages, rates and real estate:

“…it’s too early in the day to start drinking, so we might as well waste our time being educated”

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