Friday Linklube: The Loop, North Loop, 2008 Real Estate Soup

by Alex Stenback on January 16, 2009

Refinancing Motives [City lakes RE Blog]
Ross Kaplan explains when, why, and how one should consider refinancing so I don’t have to.

Calhoun Condo Sinks Further [Strib]
Behind The Mortgage broke the news when the loop went into foreclosure.  At the time, the sales team went to great pains to explain that this was not a big deal, and that everything would juust be fine at the Loop.  Whoops?

North Loop Gets Historic Protection [Minnpost]
Historic designations can work well, if handled properly.  They can also stifle and drive up costs of even “sustainable” development in a big way.  People are worried. Minnpost lays out the details.

Metro Best Sellers: Foreclosures [Strib]
This is good-bad news.  The sooner the foreclosure inventory is soaked up by the market, the sooner we get back to a balanced market in the Twin Cities.  There will be more pain in the short term as lender mediated sales drag down prices metrowide.

Minnesota Pictures: Photos that Define Minnesota [minnpics.blogspot]
If you have not run across this MN focused photo blog, you are missing some great stuff.

2008 Sales Prices, Foreclosures, by Community [Strib]
Great spreadsheet at the Strib.  Where does your neighborhood stack up?  Prices down?  Foreclosures up?  Check it out.

Treasury, Fed, FDIC to Support BofA [CR]
This move may make the name “Bank of America” literal, when all is said and done. Calculated risk has the details and the term sheet.  Wow.

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