House, on Ice, on the Move

by Alex Stenback on January 30, 2009

Ice House

For some weirdness that non-Minnesota readers might appreciate (nobody in MN has missed this story, believe me) behold the following story about a 19th Century home that was recently moved across the ice of a local lake. From the Strib:

After workers placed dollies with 64 tires under the gray wood-frame house, used as a gatekeeper’s residence on the island, a huge tow truck eased forward, stretching a steel cable until it was taut. The ice ahead shimmered like a groomed hockey rink. The truck tugged, the house crept, and the move was on.

Be sure to catch the video – in the article linked below -┬áit is great.

Land Ho! House Glides Across… [Strib]

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