Countrywide to (former) Homeowner: Here’s $3k, now please leave without trashing the place

by Alex Stenback on February 9, 2009


The image above is a copy of a “Move Out Agreement” (from Countrywide to one of it’s foreclosed homeowners) offering a cash payment of $3000 when the former homeowner leaves the property in “good and safe condition.” 

Bear in mind this former owner has no legal right to stay in the property- the redemption period has expired, so this is a please don’t cost us any more money than you already have payola.

We post this to preserve for posterity the evidence that lenders were doing this, once upon a time, in 2009. Sort of says it all.

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Duane February 12, 2009 at 11:12 am

here I hated countrywide lending when i was buying rental properties… silly me…..

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