Great Moments In Journalism: Windows Are Exploited

by Alex Stenback on March 3, 2009

Behold the splendor of the following hit-piece on the (apparently) growing blight that is the Fake Window.  From the Downtown Journal:

CVS [Pharmacy]…is taking the anti-pedestrian environment to an extreme….the window has been exploited in its crudest and emptiest form — as an image, not as an experience. It is window as wall, not window as view. Windows are about views into and out of buildings. Windows are about natural light; windows can even still be about air. Windows should not be visual barriers that reinforce a feeling of separation. Covering and blocking windows robs us of a vital urban experience and diminishes the safety of the public realm.

I mean, I hate crap architecture like the next guy, but torturing 755 words to make the point that CVS should open their blinds and put pretty things in their windows seems like overkill.

The hardest part about this post was trying to find the most bizarre excerpt.  There is more.

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