Tuesday Linklube: Birk, Madoff, Women-Centric Homes

by Alex Stenback on March 10, 2009

Goheens remind us that former Viking Matt Birk’s home (pictured above) has been on the market for 600+ days.  It’s yours for just a hair under $4Mil.

Worth checking out: Minnpics is quietly running a dynamite Minnesota photo blog

According to Ross Kaplan, there are four Madoff Victims homes on the market to raise cash in the Twin Cities.

MN Home builders getting creative : MPR details some of the gimmicks (women-centric design?) builders are using to drive sales in a tough market.

Credit crunch also curtailing development of affordable rental properties


Indispensible Yves Smith gives the loan modification portion of the HASP a thorough going over.  There are some interesting grenades buried in the guidelines, so this is a must read.

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