Rule #1: Do not Transact Business with Someone Who Tries to Trick You

by Alex Stenback on November 11, 2009

Over the years, much ink, and many, many pixels have been annihilated advising mortgage shoppers how to best select a lender.

I won’t get into that, but letters like the one below make it easy to eliminate at least one lender under the “don’t ever transact business with someone who is trying to trick you from the start” theory:


The letter above – a run of the mill solicitation letter trying it’s hardest to masquerade as official correspondence offering government support – was sent in by a client, who received it in the mail from a local firm.

My sarcastic streak wants to add that anyone who falls for such a letter deserves whatever they get, but seriously, If you need to explore refinancing, or a modification, or anything else, call a real banker or a real bank.

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