Bottom Calls: What six heads in a box can tell you about the real estate market

by Alex Stenback on June 16, 2011

A pretty balanced view here from across the housing industry on the ongoing challenges for the housing market.  For regular readers, this will be familiar stuff: 

Executive summary: Lack of jobs/economic growth and too-stringent lending standards tamping down demand.  Meanwhile, foreclosures and forced/distressed sales continue to top-off the supply side of the equation.  End result is prices are  likely to remain in a flat-to-lower glide path for some time, depending on the strength of local economies.

Key Takeaway (ours, not the video): 

Home sellers should consider doing so sooner rather than later – the supply issues and flat to lower pricing outlook are going to favor those that sell today, not tomorrow.

Home buyers?  Hard to be on the sideline here when just a 1% rise in rates will wipe out any savings you might gain from even a 10%+ drop in the price of homes going forward.

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