This Week on Twitter: Look What You Are Missing…

by Alex Stenback on June 17, 2011

Those of you who aren’t following us on Twitter?  Well, you should be – look at all the great links you missed while looking at Vancouver riot/make-out photos and waiting for Weiner to resign

Twin Cities Housing, by the Numbers [Aaron Dickinson]

Subtle signs of a (positive) turn in housing, or seasonal head-fake? [Calculated Risk]

Proof that mortgages do not follow in lockstep with the 10 year Treasury [Alex_Stenback]

Twin Cities Foreclosures declined in May [JustListed]

What Six Heads in a box can tell you about the real estate market [BehindTheMortgage]

The Philly Fed Index was the latest high impact number to show increasing economic weakness, which could help move rates lower [Econoday]

Theresa Boardman gives us he regular rundown on absorption rates – a key measure of real estate market health [STP Real Estate Blog]

Know Anyone? Reporter Jim Buchta is looking for “Phoenix” homeowners, who’ve been through foreclosure and successfully purchased again [JustListed]

This April was the best April for remodeling since 2006, according to one study [Buildfax]

Theory: Why the Twin Cities has more foreclosure sales than average, but not more foreclosures than average [JustListed]

What Weekly Mortgage Application Reports Can Tell us About the Housing Market [BehindTheMortgage]
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