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Expert Home Financing.  Guaranteed. [This tagline should be in a graphic format ]

More than anything else, the line above describes why my clients choose to do business with me.  However, it’s just a tagline (everybody has them) and meaningless without some tangibles behind it – So lets break it down, shall we?

Experience – Knowledge = Peace of Mind – Working with an Expert Saves you Money – $10,000 Guaranteed Pre-Approval – Guaranteed Closing Costs – How to Get Started


Experience & Expertise
Unlike a newer loan officer one of my greatest assets is my experience.  What does this mean for you? I don’t make rookie mistakes, (which cause 95% of problems) and I know enough about products that are available that I can find the best solution for your situation, no matter how unique it may seem.

In ten plus years in mortgage banking, I have taken the time to know my business, inside and out.  I am a money and residential lending expert first, and a loan officer second.

Knowlege = Peace of Mind
From understanding where mortgage money comes from (it is seldom the bank) to how and what moves interest rates, you’ll gain a depth of understanding that will arm you with the tools to know you are making the right decision in choosing your home loan and it’s structure.

This takes the stress out of the experience, and will make the act of getting a home loan seem easy, even downright enjoyable, so you can focus on the most important thing – finding your dream home.

How Working with an Expert Saves you Money:
Most people automatically equate Expert with Expensive.  After all, an experienced attorney, plumber, plastic surgeon, or software developer will normally charge more  – why would it be any different in mortgage banking?

Because I know that if you have a high-quality experience, you are likely to come back again, and perhaps refer a few friends along the way.  Multiplied manyfold, this self perpetuating stream of business means I can deliver a more valuable experience, for less money than an unseasoned loan officer who might be depending on your loan to make their mortgage payment.

In other words, I care more about the relationship than the transaction.  And if you think working with an expert is expensive, try working with an amateur.

Guaranteed Pre-Approval:
When you work with me, your pre-approval is real.  I stand behind it with a $10,000 Guarantee.  You will not find another lender in the Twin Cities, or the country, who will do this.

This means that when you put an offer on a house, my stamp of approval is taken seriously by the seller and the real estate community, and it will close on time, as promised, every time.

Guaranteed Closing Costs:
I guarantee your closing costs will not exceed the costs outlined on your Good Faith Estimate.  You can confidently go to closing without fear of surprises.

How to Get Started:
In all likelihood you’ve been referred here by someone you trust – if that is the case, simply drop me a line or give me a call, and we can set up a time to have a brief conversation over the phone so I can learn a little about your situation.  Then, if you are comfortable, we can set up a time for a consultation in my office or at an otherwise convenient location.

Contact Me: | M: 612.749.6999 | O: 952.417.8490

If you’ve found me as a regular reader at Behind The Mortgage, google, or a media appearance, that’s OK too – just drop me a line or give me a call, tell me a little about yourself and your situation, and we’ll take it from there.

Either way, unless you are a past client, or have been specifically instructed by your realtor to do so, please don’t fill out an online application until we’ve had the chance to connect.